About the Convention

Last edit: 10 months ago

We want our region to once again open his arms to the world of fantasy and sci-fi enthusiasts in the broadest sense.
Funcon is a convention, which made his debut last year. This event is for lovers of fantasy sci-fi and and manga to be enjoyed in a small groups.
Ours goal is to not have wild crowds visiting us and program table to be long as the ancient papyrus - we want to create a family like friendly atmosphere and the best possible integration for our participants.

The principle of our meetings is simple from fans to fans. Conventions are inherently nonprofit. Accreditation fee covers the rental facility, equipment, arranging meetings with authors and ensuring the smooth operation of the event. The first edition of our rally had occasions to see that very little cost you can arrange a safe, colorful and fun-filled event.

Last year we were visited by numerous guests, exhibitors, and publishers to provide you hours of fun. We could all meet up in the evening in a small circle to sing by the accompaniment of guitars and exchange experiences with all day activities. Many thanks to the ~ 200 people who trusted us in 2016 and came to spend with us entertaining (though rainy) weekend.

About the organizers
The first edition was created in collaboration with "R-Squad" foundation. However, we wish to announce that the 2017 convention will be organized by Żywiec Fantasy Association "Parzenica" based in Żywiec. It has been tied to formalize the activities of the group of people who want to work together to rapidly spread the alternative ways of spending free time in our beautiful city.