Accommodation and food

Last edit: 10 months ago

For minimalists:

At the convention will be organized traditionally dormitories called "sleeping rooms". We offer them for free. We remind you to bring the necessary equipment: foam pads, sleeping bags, pillows. On campus there are numerous toilets and showers at your disposal.

For demanding:

For those who appreciate comfort, in the near future to present a wider range of accommodation. The following list will post hotels and hostels from the area where you will spend the night in more comfortable conditions than a mat and sleeping bag. We remind you that the organizers do not mediate in reservations of hotel rooms.

  • HOSTEL "Góra Żar" - cheap accommodation with scenic views more information HERE
  • Apartments "Maria" - a very well-equipped apartments with high standard HERE

We strive to you for a discount in Żywiec premises, so be patient. We hope that the convention this year will also host a small bufet.
From each other, we recommend:

Potatoes from Cacy - tiny place located just outside the railway station, serves the best baked potatoes with secret sauce (which is apparently a family secret) in Żywiec. Tastes heavenly!
Pizzeria La Sorpresa and Viva La Sorpresa - they'll bring you pizza to the convention - menu HERE.
Knysza Piccolo - Located near the con place food spot that makes great fast foods - Menu HERE.
Kebeb Ahmed - Piripiri flavour will get you impressed! - Menu HERE

For adult beer lovers we suggest visiting:

Żywiec Craftsman brewery Krajcar - tiny brewery serving self made craft beers and delicious dishes, you will find them on Facebook.

Piwiarnia Żywiecka - located right next to the Żywiec brewery and its Museum (you are welcome to visit), containing a selection of restaurant dishes with great Żywiec beer specialties - Facebook.