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Below you can find list of our guests:

Returning to Funcon from past year. Creators of Zid & Zniw ChroniclesŁukasz "Kurasiu" Mikołajczyk and Karolina "Twarda"Twardosz, our friendly ghosts. By day he is a QA Engineer and programmer, by night become a scripter and coder.Creating alongside Karolina in their spare time point'n'click adventure game "Zniw Adventure". She a Biologist and artist in one, creator of animations and background locations in the game. As they said "...premiere of the game will probably be set for FUNCON..." - more about the game on Steam Greenlight - over HERE

7180c3ef1c-miniaturowaMrs Miniature - Agatha is like a hobbit, first you hear her, then you see her.
She is full of contradictions - how else could you describe someone who is a humanist which get a degree in economics, yet is working in logistic company?
After a day spent between men in a company, Agatha is writing her feminine blog, which you can read HERE