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Extraction from Regulations

§ 1.
Every user of the conventions is obliged to know these basic rules and regulations

§ 2.
Every user should register at the proper registration form on the website

§ 3.
Every user upon entrance to the convention gets his/her own ID card & wrist strap, and is obliged to wear it at the con place during the whole convention and on the convention grounds.

§ 3.1.
The Users are obliged to show the ID card and/or wrist strap card when asked by the Organizers or the Security of the convention.

§ 3.2.
Exchanging the ID card and/or wrist strap between users is strictly forbidden.

§ 3.3.
If the ID card and/or wrist strap is destroyed by any means you are obliged to call the Organizers or the Security.

§ 3.4.
Users that are under aged (18 years old in Poland) are prompted to show signed acceptance by their legal caretaker or come with the caretaker.

§ 4.
The Organizers reserve the right to expel or not let in to the convention grounds any person without prompting any reason.

§ 4.1.
If you are to be expelled from the convention the accreditation fee is not returned.

§ 5.
The users held the responsibility for their actions, and or any material destruction done during the convention.

§ 6.
In case of emergency (fire, smoke, etc.) you are obliged to contact Organizers or the Security.

§ 6.1.
In case of life threatening emergency you are obliged to do whatever the Organizers or the Security says.

§ 7.
It's strictly forbidden to enter to the convention place with or use any drugs during the time of the convention.

§ 7.1.
During the event you cannot use any tobacco products (snuff, chewing tobacco). Smoking is allowed only in a proper area.

§ 8.
It is prohibited to bring firearms and white weaponry, explosives and other substances hazardous to health and life..

§ 8.1.
Replica guns, Airsoft guns, etc., must be submitted to the Organizers, have adequate protection to prevent its use and shall be marked with orange warning tape.

§ 9.
The Organizers reserve the right to verify the document certifying the identity and age of the participant.

§ 10.
The convention is prohibited in sales, advertising and other gainful activities without the knowledge or consent of the Organizers.

§ 11.
Participants are required to maintain order and cleanliness.

§ 12.
The Organizers are not responsible for items left / lost by the participants during the convention.

§ 13.
The Organizers reserve the right to change the rules.

§ 14.
In cases, which are not settled with this list of rules, provisions of the law of the Republic of Poland shall apply.